giovedì 14 novembre 2013

Great sale on a boyfriend style coat

Do you like boyfriend style? Do you have a boyfriend style coat? Do you notice Romwe coat of that style? We planned a great sale on such a coat as a giving back gift for all the customers’ support.  It is a boyfriend style coat with quilted faux leather sleeves, reaching over 18,300 sales volumes.  You can get it at the price of $36.99, which was originally $109.99. Only lasts 24 hour..

This coat goes perfect with sweaters and leggings.  I really need this!

What's more, I heard a piece of good news from Romwe. On 18th November (starting from 1:00 pm on Nov.17th GMT, only 24 hrs ), this coat will be the price of $36.99, with original price $109.99. Maybe an experience activity, limited supply, first come first serve. Only 24 hours!
Check this link:

Even buy it at $6.99 or win free:
We are offering cash coupon since 11.14th, up to $30, it means get this coat with $6.99.  A-n-d on Nov.18th, one of you will get it for free, check out >>

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